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Q What is Coolminds?

Coolminds is a joint initiative between Mind Hong Kong (Mind HK) and KELY Support Group (KELY), which promotes mental health awareness, support and understanding in Hong Kong’s youth and the adults around them. 

Q What does Coolminds do?

Coolminds aims to destigmatise mental health, remove barriers to care, and improve mental health literacy in young people and the adults around them. We use a whole school approach through training students, parents and educators in schools. We also provide open resources on our bilingual website and are in the process of developing new resources and activities. 

Q Is Coolminds a S88 registered charity in Hong Kong?

No. Coolminds is a joint project by Mind HK and KELY Support Group, which are both registered charities in Hong Kong.

To learn more about Mind HK, please visit
For more on KELY, visit

Q Do you offer training workshops for schools, parents, and teachers?

Yes. We offer training workshops for educators, parents, and students. 

Q How can I learn more about your training offerings?

Please visit our training page here for additional details of available workshops. If you have additional questions, or would like to enquire about availability, please email

Q Does Coolminds provide counselling services?

No, we do not provide direct counselling services. However we want to ensure that young people have access to the help they need.  If you or a friend is in immediate danger, please call 999 for assistance, or visit our emergency hotlines page here

Q What age group are your youth resources for?

Our resources are for youth aged 14-24 years. However, we understand the value of providing support to the adults who work with young people and also provide some resources for parents and educators. 

Q Am I able to share these resources with my students?

Yes absolutely! Please ensure you reference Coolminds and link back to our website when utilising our resources. 

Q What languages are your resources in?

All workshops and resources are available in English and Cantonese.

Q Are the resources free?

Yes, thanks to our partners and funders, all our available resources are currently free. 

Q How can I get involved?

We are always looking for volunteers. Please visit our volunteer page here.  If you would like to get involved by contributing funds towards our project, please visit learn more here

Q How can I fundraise for you?

Thank you for thinking of Coolminds! To learn about fundraising please click here.

Q How does Mind HK and KELY Support Group work together and divide the work?

Mind HK has an expertise in mental health while KELY focuses on youth empowerment. This partnership brings together best practices for young people and mental health. KELY and Mind HK work together to strategise and locate resources most relevant to youth mental health in Hong Kong – all the resources used are created or localised in collaboration between the two organisations.  KELY is primarily responsible for running the student workshops. Mind HK runs the parents and educator workshops.

To learn more about Mind HK, please visit To learn more about KELY, please visit

Q What is the difference between writing a blog article and a personal story?

A blog article should be an informative piece of writing where you are free to express your views on a mental health topic, but are asked to avoid directly sharing about your own personal experiences of mental health conditions. We welcome all youth to submit a blog article to us here.

A personal story involves sharing your individual lived mental health experiences and recovery journey. For example, this might include commenting on how you felt at the time and what actions you took to support yourself. Before sending in your personal story, please make sure you feel ready to do so, and have thought about whether you would like this information to be public.

To ensure safety and protection for our contributors, we kindly request that only those aged 18+ submit personal stories. Youth of all ages are able to send blog articles.

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