Youth Ambassadors

The Youth Ambassadors are a team of 24 students based in Hong Kong who meet with Coolminds staff on a monthly basis to develop the Hong Kong Youth Summit, a part of the 2020 Hong Kong Mental Health Conference.

With the help and support of the Youth Summit Ambassadors, we can ensure that this event is truly designed by youth, for youth. They’ve helped contribute to our blog, social media posts, conference speakers and workshops.

Scroll down to read the biographies of some of our Youth Summit Ambassadors, and to get to know them better!

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Our Ambassadors
Aerin Mok

Aerin is a Year 12 student at German Swiss International School. She is excited to continue her work with Mind HK by planning a day of inspiring speakers and workshops with other Ambassadors. Being a Youth Summit Ambassador holds much significance for her as an opportunity to shape the way mental health is viewed by younger generations. She has seen evidence of deteriorating mental health amongst her peers, and the lack of emphasis on such issues only motivates her more to promote a culture of well-being.

Audrey Yung

Audrey is a Grade 11 student studying at the Canadian International School. From her experiences, Audrey recognised the importance of mental wellbeing for people in different walks of life, and sees the need to address the rising mental health issues among adolescents. She created a children’s book on anxiety, hoping to spread mental health awareness among parents and children. She wishes to share her story with those who are struggling and collaborate with peers to improve understanding of mental health in the local community.

Dolphin Chan

Dolphin is a Year 2 student, studying Criminology at City University. She is also a member of the HK Life-saving Team. As an athlete, she cares a lot about mental health not just because it is closely related to her career, but also as a young adult in this society. She feels that it is hard for her generation to find somebody to talk to, due to the fear of how people see us. She hopes to help teens who are struggling with mental health issues as a friend and a companion.

Emily Norris

Emily is 17 years old and studies at West Island school. She joined as a youth summit ambassador as she wants to continue her work with Mind HK after doing the summer internship. She also believes that mental health is a big issue with in youth in HK. By taking part, she believes she will be a part of starting to de-stigmatise mental health issues within youth. 

Erina Chow

Erina is currently studying Occupational Therapy and Applied Psychology at HK Polytechnic University. She has explored mental health through MH First Aid, Wellness Recovery Action Plan, and is dedicated to serving the community.  With her passion in psychotherapy, she has founded her own brand (Evolution with Love) and believes that everyone is able to find their own happiness through making small changes.

Gracia Tsui

Gracia studies law and is in her final year at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is lover of coffee, golden retrievers, and piano. Her passion to become a medical practitioner led her to co-found the WeCareBill in 2017, a registered charity to empower cancer patients with drug database and financial consultation services. Her experience inspired her to contribute time and effort to help the vulnerable, which she has made her lifelong commitment.

Julie Ko

Julie was born and raised in Hong Kong, currently studying her Bachelor’s degree in Visual Studies. She has a deep-rooted interest in the importance of mental health and wellbeing shaped from her experiences of stigma. She sets on spreading more awareness on this issue and helping out at events for the local youth community.

Kelly Tong Ho Yan

Kelly is currently pursuing Health Studies at HKCC and believes mental and social health contribute significantly to an individual’s overall health. She has noticed the impact of mental health stigma in Hong Kong, which has hindered the general public from discussing and reaching out to assistance and treatment. She hopes that by increasing mental health literacy and encouraging youth to improve and maintain their mental health conditions, she can contribute to contribute to a happier and healthier city.

Khadeeja Khan

Khadeeja moved from England to Hong Kong 4 years ago to study Psychology. She is currently in her final year majoring in Psychology at Andrews University. She teaches English to young learners in her free time, and aspires to bring Psychology into the high school curriculum. As a Youth Summit Ambassador she hopes to raise awareness about mental health in the young society and eliminate the stigma. Khadeeja wants to pursue a masters in Counselling and continue travelling the world at every opportunity she gets!

Kylie Chong

Kylie is currently a Grade 11 student at the Canadian International School. Having experienced the toll that mental health has on people, she understands the importance of eradicating stigmas and misconceptions. She hopes to empower local youth by giving them a voice in the community. Kylie is part of the Mother’s Choice Youth Leadership Council, and participated in the interschool GIN852 Conference as part of the Health and Wellness group. 

Lavanya Chutke

Lavanya is 14 years old and has lived in Hong Kong all her life. She feels that HK’s competitive environment has really taken a toll on youth, and hopes to take this opportunity to advocate for greater mental health awareness. She is a strong believer in mindfulness and believes that it is necessary for children and grownups alike. She is passionate about art, from visual to music to theatre to singing, and would really like to promote these activities during the summit.

Michelle Chau

Michelle is a Year 2 Social Work student at HKU. She has actively promoted mental health and anti-stigmatisation on and beyond campus. She has also volunteered in hospitals, for social enterprises, and NGOs for persons-in-recovery and their caregivers. During her free time, she enjoys reading, watching movies and travelling.