Addicted Memories, Digital Recall

It snaps the spine in your figure,

It crumbles the candor on your tongue,

It haunts your shadow.

You double over,

Stare at that doubling fat

That squeeze between folds in your stomach

With drunken eyes

Your neck,

Drooped lifeless front of a glaring screen

Voices blasting

Framed by colorful headphones

In a pigsty of a room.

It stales

But steel clear beyond sight

Like an old record unfolds

That replays,

And replays

And replays

Glaring cold and hard,

Like a cold eating eye.

Editor’s note: It is important to seek for help if you feel that you are not in control of your habits, click here for more guidance on seeking help. Learn more about the effecst of social media on our mental health here.