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Parent/Caregiver Training Workshop

To help youth and those around them learn about mental health, we’ve created a workshop for parents and caregivers.

● To improve the mental health of young people in Hong Kong
● To empower the school community by giving a common language and access to resources developed together with local clinicians
● To destigmatise mental health

This workshop is available in English and Cantonese. This course is FREE (funded by Operation Santa Claus) and is available now. This training requires a minimum number of 15 participants.

Content includes:

● Introduction to mental health
● Understanding teenagers and mental health
● Common mental health situations and their symptoms
● How to talk about mental health with your teenagers
● Self-care for parents
● Where to get help

*We would recommend that schools/organisations choose all 3 workshops for a fully holistic package. However, you are also welcome to participate in individual workshops.

To learn more about the parent training workshop, please download our bilingual flyer here.

To enquire about the parent training workshop and availability, please email Ms. Nicole Lee at mindhk@coolmindshk.com.