How to keep up a good friendship?

Human beings by nature like to flock together as groups and generally prefer not to be isolated. Having friends and socialising with them can bring positivity to our lives, but how can we keep up a good friendship?

Tell the truth

When your friends are doing something wrong or it’s an action that is harming other people, you should be honest, tell the truth, and warn them. As a good friend, you don’t want your friends to become bad people so it’s important to tell them if they did something wrong.

Give them space

Your friends may be down sometimes due to issues around them, it can be family issues, political issues, social issues or more, but remember don’t force/push them to share, give them space, they will tell you when they are ready. Putting them in a difficult position by forcing them to share is a sign of disrespect to them and their privacy, not only will they not appreciate it, it will damage the bond you have with your friend. You should always support them and be willing to listen to them when they want to speak.

Support them

When your friends encounter difficulties, you should be supportive. You can ask them if they need help or maybe just listen to what they want to say, just remember don’t be too pushy! It’s important that you show support to your friends when they are having hard times.

Keep socialising

It’s important for students to keep up a healthy social life in their busy, tight schedule, as this is a way to help relieve your stress, elevate your mood, bring positivity to your life, and also to keep a good friendship. Hanging out with friends regularly or maybe just facetime and chat on the phone also works, as long as you keep contacting your friends and maintain your social life.