How to stay positive at home during Covid-19?

Everyone has been at home a lot these few months, and you may think that time goes by very slowly because you have not been able to hang out with your friends or go on a vacation like last year. But why not keep yourself positive and motivated at home and look at COVID-19 from another angle?

Keep exercising: Doing home workouts

Exercising is always necessary because it can help improve your physical and mental health, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. You may not prefer wearing a mask while playing your favourite sport, so why not try a home workout? This may not be the most ideal but at least you can stretch and move around in a limited space without a mask. This can boost your mood, keep you fit and also kill time.

Attend virtual, online events

Attending different virtual vacations, summer programs/ camps/ internships is a good way to keep yourself busy when there are so many limitations for in-person activities. Participating in these online events allows you to learn new skills, discuss with other people and meet new friends. 

Facetime with friends

Everyone loves hanging out with friends during the summer, but this year, it’s a little bit different. However, COVID-19 should not stop you from socialising with your friends online. Facetiming with friends for one or two hours a day and maintaining interactions with people can keep your brain active and also help you stay active in your social life.


Reading a book not only boosts your language skills and allows you to imagine but can be fun too! You may have found yourself often complaining that you don’t have time to read to relieve stress during the school term – now, you have ample time to read your favourite book and lose yourself in the story.

Movies and Netflix

Watching movies might be something we turn to when we are bored, but this doesn’t mean we can’t continue watching our favourite shows when we are having summer holidays. It could be a fun experience to watch with your family or maybe with your friends while chatting with them over the phone!

Explore something new

If you did not find the above options are interesting, then maybe try to explore something new on the internet. This may be baking, painting, attending online classes and more, as long as you are staying at home safely while doing something you like!

Look at everything from another angle

Many people feel down because of COVID-19, and this is perfectly normal, but try to look at this from another angle. You can spend more time with your family and get to know them a lot better during this period. It’s also a good time to learn to be grateful for what we have.

Editor’s note: Staying mentally well under these different circumstances is crucial, check out this page if you need guidance on asking for help.