Mademoiselle Marionette – A Poem

Mademoiselle marionette,

Lips sweet as sugar

Tactful in your tete a tete.

Mademoiselle marionette,

Eyes like a doe

Lounging on your settee.

Mademoiselle marionette,

Cheeks painted in rouge

Takes whatever she can get.

Mademoiselle marionette,

Dotes on her soiree guests

Trapped in her net.

Mademoiselle marionette,

Play a lullaby on her strings

Life’s a debt you can never forget.

Poet’s note: With all the anxiety and pressure that comes with schoolwork and Hong Kong life, it can sometimes feel as if you are a puppet being pulled around by your strings, unable to make your own choices and control your movements. Mademoiselle Marionette describes this feeling.