Discrimination and Mental Health – A Guide for Young People

Hong Kong is a very multicultural city with a melting pot of cultures. 72.2% of ethnic minorities are aged 14 and below and 51% of ethnic minorities aged 15-24 were born in Hong Kong. It’s important to understand that not everyone shares the same views and upbringing. What we see in the news, movies, social media, or books may present a very narrow or one-sided view of specific cultures.

Diversity can help us work more productively in teams and foster creativity as there are lots of positive things we can learn from each other. Unfortunately, not everyone fully understands and supports cultural diversity. Discrimination, racism, and stigma are still huge issues we face. This can take a toll on our mental health and the wellbeing of those around us.

This booklet will identify:

  • What is discrimination
  • How does discrimination affect mental health
  • Is discrimination a problem in Hong Kong
  • What are some problems ethnic minorities face in Hong Kong