Returning to School: Academic stress + Youth sharing

While returning to school is exciting, transitioning back to on-campus classes presents another change in our daily lives, you might find yourself feeling stressed about school work.

It is normal for us to experience some form of stress in our lifetime. In fact, a healthy dosage of stress can be good for our personal growth. A reasonable amount of stress can aid us to stay focused and accomplish tasks better. However, when stress begins to take over our daily functioning, it may be a sign that you are experiencing too much stress which is very unhealthy for our mind and body.

This booklet primarily aims to help young people in Hong Kong cope with academic stress it also includes youth sharing about their own experience with returning to school.

Check out what other students are doing to prepare for returning to school in our “Voice of youth” section of the booklet.

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Also check out our video with tips to handle academic stress: