Returning to School: Advice from Professional Clinicians

You probably have a lot of concerns and worries after being away from school for so long, and you might not be the only one asking questions. This booklet aims to help young people in Hong Kong cope with worries they may have after being off campus for so long. It includes advice from our Coolminds clinical advisors Dr. Amelia Walter, Odile Thiang and Teresa Chan.

Questions include:

Q: My parents want me to come straight home as soon as school ends, but all my friends get to hang out together after school. They don’t understand when I tell them. I feel really left out.

Q: I’m graduating this year, but I won’t have a graduation ceremony. My travel plans have all been cancelled, and I’m not even sure I can start university overseas in September. What are some ways I can cope with this?

Q: I’m worried about getting sick when I go back to school. There could still be cases coming from overseas. My parents keep talking about it and it’s very stressful.

And many more…

You’re not the only one asking these questions, Coolminds is here to provide you with some helpful tips to tackle these worries you may have before returning to school. Download our booklet to know more!