What is Meditation?

What is mindfulness meditation?

  • Mindfulness meditation is simply dropping down into our body & feeling the sensations of our body & our changing emotions.
  • We are simply being present with what is going on inside us.
  • We are anchoring ourselves in our present. Our thoughts no longer drive us to the past or the future, instead, we are fully living here.

Why is meditation important?

  • Allows us to understand our mind and take control of it instead of having it control us. It brings inner peace and self awareness.
  • Allows us to be present: to be aware of what is happening here and now: in our thoughts, our emotions, our bodies.
  • Allows us to stop identifying with our thoughts and emotions.
  • We have space to CHOOSE how to react, to CHOOSE the story we tell about ourselves.

How often should I practise?

  • Start with a short meditation every day, five minutes of sitting down in the morning.
  • Once you have a consistent habit, you may start to slowly increase the time you meditate for.
  • Constancy over quantity 

Benefits of mindfulness meditation

  • Meditation helps you break out of negative thought patterns by giving you clarity.
  • It can bring the simple peace and joy of being present, as you are less likely to repeat negative reactive patterns.
  • The same way we have body hygiene, we need to have mental hygiene, to keep not just our body clean but our mind too.
  • It is not just a personal responsibility but a collective one. When you centred and balanced within your mind, you spread that peace with everyone you meet through your own behaviour.