Staying Well In Quarantine

It is normal to experience negative feelings during quarantine. I have been in your shoes also. And I would like to suggest some ways to help you stay positive during quarantine.

1. Having enough sleep

Personally, I believe having enough sleep is the most important thing to help you stay positive. It gives you energy and has a high correlation with a good mood, concentration and productivity. While researches show that not having enough sleep is linked to higher body weight and risk of getting heart disease and stroke. Personally, I sleep about 8-9 hours on average and I found that I feel happier after having enough sleep than when I am sleep deprived. To have enough sleep, you must first have good time management. And I suggest you may try creating a to-do list or timetable. Personally I make a to-do list with all my homework and the goals I want to achieve. There is a bible saying that I resonate with a lot, ‘When you lie down, you will not be afraid. Your sleep will be sweet.” from Proverbs 3:24. Sometimes we may go to bed feeling like our head is heavy with a lot of thoughts but once we wake up we feel refreshed so I definitely believe the cornerstone of positivity during quarantine is having enough sleep.

2. Exercise frequently

Don’t let quarantine be an excuse for not working out. You can still work out from your home. I have noticed there are many home workout videos online that you may try and follow. During quarantine, I have developed a workout routine which include yoga, bootcamp-style classes, boxing, high intensity interval training, plyometrics, pilates and barre exercises. I also go down to the park to play badminton but remember to keep your social distancing. Doing sports not only will help you reduce pressure and stress and teaches you team-work and problem solving skills; it has also been proven that exercising can release endorphins in your system which in turn will elevate your mood levels! I believe having a routine of doing sports can definitely help you stay positive during quarantine.

3. Watching movies

Watching movies can also allow you to enjoy the period of quarantine. Netflix, Shudder, Amazon Prime, Filmstruck (to name a few) are some sources you can subscribe to and access a wide range of movies and tv shows. I personally love watching comedies like Friends because it was light-hearted and funny which helped me stay positive during quarantine. 

Last but not least, you can always approach your parents, friends, teachers and social workers to seek help and advice when you’re not feeling at your best. Hope these tips help, take care!