Stuck in Reverse (COVID-19) – A Poem


What comes to mind when you say this word?  Geographically, it is a theoretical line that divides the northern and southern hemispheres of Earth. Yet, to me, it is a representation of how COVID-19 has impacted us. 

Like an equator, the pandemic has positioned humanity in the middle of two extremes. Social distancing comes at the sacrifice of huge celebrations and Chinese New Year family gatherings. Wearing masks to shield germs comes at the sacrifice of not being able to see the faces of people who enlighten, enliven, and bring us joy. We are seemingly stuck in reverse. 

Thus, in a world where smiles are concealed and touch is prohibited, we have realised that words are more important than ever. Saying a simple “I support you” or “I am here for you”, and wrapping someone in love, can encourage a broken soul to become whole again. 

Words, when used in positive means, have the power to comfort and show understanding.  I wrote this poem in hopes of achieving this, hoping that one day, we are free from this reversed world, connected, happier, and stronger 🙂 


I am at the equator:

bare beaches breath without

shirtless children, but sandcastles

trains trained to run without

passengers, but fire extinguishers 

stalls sell nothing but endless

racks of stalling masks





hands with nothing to touch. 

equal and at zero

wings and the sun

nothing and with everything.