What to do with all this free time?

Now that exams are over, some students may feel relief while others may dread their results. If you just finished high school, you might be wondering, “what is there to do between now and university?”

1. Sleep

As students, many of us probably pulled quite a few all-nighters to complete assignments or revise last minute. However, school is over and it’s the summer holidays now. It’s time to catch up on the sleep your body and mind needs.

2. Relax

As a student myself, I tend to watch more TV-series and movies during the exam period than usual to counter the stress of exams and this is normal. Now that exams are over, you can spend your days watching Netflix or K-dramas without regrets or guilt. It’s been a stressful school year and we all deserve some relaxation.

3. Explore new interests and passions

Do you have an interest or sport that you’ve been putting off trying out by using academics as an excuse? Now is the time to explore those possible interests and find out what you like and don’t like. Personally, I picked up bouldering and the guitar after my exams which I continued throughout my first semester in university. There are a lot of things to try out in HK such as hiking, pottery, painting, bouldering etc.

4. Find a job

As teenagers, most of us would want to earn some spare cash to spend (on clothing, food, alcohol etc.) and the best way to do so would be to find a job, part-time or full-time. Some of my classmates worked at supermarkets, Starbucks or bubble tea shops all around Hong Kong to earn some extra cash. Personally, I worked part-time at a supermarket for a few months while tutoring on the side. For those wanting to find a tutor job, there are Facebook groups and websites which help teenagers find students. However, be aware of the fees some websites may charge as being the middle agency.

Hong Kong Teen Part-Time Group:

5. Find an internship or volunteer

If you’re looking to polish up your CV for universities, you may consider internship hunting. Internships are a good way for young people to gain hands-on experience and knowledge, allowing them to gain insight into the fields they find interesting. Students can make connections which may benefit them in the future. Students can also gain exposure through volunteering at local charities and organisations in Hong Kong.

Some options:

Or, you can reach out to us at (or visit our “Contact” page) if you would like to volunteer with Coolminds!

6. Do nothing!

You don’t HAVE to do something productive this summer. Sometimes just kicking back and relaxing at home or the beach or library is what you need and it’s okay. It’s been a tough school year with COVID and online/hybrid learning and you deserve a break. Try to relax and give your body and mind what they need.