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Coolminds aims to be truly by youth, for youth. We welcome you to submit contributions to our blog on a mental health topic of your choice. Some examples of previously submitted blog article topics include: self-care ideas, mental health stigma, exam pressures, relationship stress, anxiety issues, bullying and peer pressure.

Blog articles are meant to raise awareness and foster understanding, but are not intended to be a platform for
you to share your own lived experiences of mental health conditions. To share personal stories, please visit Share Your Personal Story instead.

You may write in English or Chinese, and can choose to remain anonymous.

What happens after I submit my blog article?

A member of our team will read your piece and get back to you within 4 weeks with comments. We will ask you to kindly review these suggestions and for your consent to publish your piece.

If you have any questions about writing for Coolminds, please feel free to drop us a message here.

Before submitting your blog article to us, please review our Submission Guidelines. You may also wish to check out our Guiding Questions, which have been designed to help spark creativity and ideas for your piece.

Submission Guidelines

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Guiding Questions for Blog Articles

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By Submitting, you are agreeing to the following terms:
  • Coolminds may use your submission for our website and other initiatives for the purpose of promoting mental health awareness and understanding in Hong Kong
  • Every submission is read and monitored by Coolminds
  • Submitting your story does not guarantee that it will be published
  • Coolminds reserves the right to modify submissions to ensure that they are in line with our submission guidelines
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