Youth Advisory Committee

The Youth Advisory Committee (“YAC”) is a team of 25 students based in Hong Kong who meet with staff on a monthly basis to discuss and advise on the direction of Coolminds, and to bring specific project ideas targeting young people to the table. They help give us feedback on our programs, to help us better understand what works and what needs to improve from a young person’s perspective. By consulting and listening to our advisors, we can ensure that Coolminds is able to meet the needs of their generation.

Scroll down to read the biographies of our YAC members, and to get to know them better!

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Nicole Lee

Nicole Lee is a Year 10 student from West Island School. As a proactive individual, she is passionate about change and volunteers in numerous initiatives in hopes to empower others like herself. Joining Coolminds gave her a new perspective of how detrimental the effects are to those who suffer from mental health issues, and therefore gave her the ultimate ambition to raise awareness and improve our society. Through her experiences in advocacy positions involving embracing diversity and creating equal opportunities, she hopes to create open platforms to support the importance of these mental health discussions, and empower the youth to bring out the best of one another.

Aerin Mok

Aerin is a Year 13 student at German Swiss International School. She is excited to continue her work with Mind HK by developing Coolminds and designing mental health events such as the 2021 Youth Summit. Being a Youth Advisor holds much significance for her as an opportunity to shape the way mental health is viewed by younger generations. She has seen evidence of deteriorating mental health amongst her peers, and the lack of emphasis on such issues only motivates her to further promote a culture of well-being.

Ashley Cheng

Ashley is a year 1 psychology student studying in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. As an active volunteer, she is passionate about serving in the mental health field, and hopes to create changes to make our place a better community. Apart from destigmatizing, psychoeducation may also be a direction for us to explore. She is really thrilled to be part of the community, and is looking forward to working with this excellent team.

Diana Gamboa

Diana is a Form 4 student at St. Paul’s Convent School. Through being a member of Coolminds’ Youth Advisory Committee, she looks forward to increasing awareness on youth mental health and wellbeing, especially among local Hong Kong secondary school students. Using her skills in debate and public speaking, she hopes to build a more open and welcoming environment for Hong Kong youth to speak up about their struggles and difficulties without shame.

Dolphin Chan

Dolphin is a Year 3 student studying Criminology and International Studies at the City University of Hong Kong, and she is also a team member for the Hong Kong Lifesaving Team. Her interest in advocating for youth mental health is because of her experiences and life of a student athlete at a local school from the young age of 12, and she realised the importance in building resilience within athletes themselves as well as the community. This also leads to her exploring the possibility of how non-competitive sports could make an impact towards youth mental health especially within the local school education system.

Gracia Tsui

Gracia is a law graduate from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In 2017, She co-founded WeCareBill Foundation, a social enterprise that supports cancer patients with enhanced access to affordable healthcare services with artificial intelligence approaches. After volunteering as a Youth Summit Ambassador last year, she is excited to join the Youth Advisory Committee to further empower local youth and promote mental health awareness.

Hima Zhang

Hima is a form 5 student at Diocesan Girls’ School, currently doing her A Levels and taking Psychology as an elective. She is passionate about promoting mental health awareness and has initiated and participated in several mental health projects. Through joining Coolminds, she hopes to help destigmatize talking about mental illness, raise awareness on personal wellbeing, as well as to meet like-minded people through the organisation. She is looking forward to working with the team and is very excited to be part of the committee.

Jacky Man

Jacky is a fresh graduate, with a psychology major and a counselling minor from the University of Hong Kong. His interest and ambition are to promote community mental health and mental illness de-stigmatization as his life goal. He is currently pursuing in Master of Social Work in his alma mater to learn more practical skills such as policy design and implementation on mental health issues advocacy. Being a part of Youth Advisory Committee in Coolminds definitely gives a platform for him to explore more and has more hands-on experience to reach out to the public.

Kylie Chong

Kylie is part of the Class of 2021 at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong. Having experienced the toll that mental health has on people, she understands the importance of eradicating stigma and misconceptions. After working with Coolminds as a Youth Summit Ambassador from 2019-2020, she hopes to continue empowering local youth by giving them a voice in the community.

Lavanya Chutke

Lavanya is a Grade 10 student at Canadian International and has lived in Hong Kong all her life. She feels that HK’s competitive environment is a key catalyst often dismissed, and hopes to take this opportunity to advocate for greater mental health awareness. She is a strong believer in mindfulness and believes that it is necessary for children and grownups to thrive. She hopes to aid in any way she can in removing stigma through being a part of the Youth Advisory Committee.

Marta Gramatyka

Marta is a year two student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She’s involved in various social initiatives, including serving the homeless, refugees and ethnic minorities. Having seen the impact of mental ill-health through serving these populations, she joined Coolminds to learn more and to advocate for greater understanding and awareness. She also believes that mental wellbeing is essential to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Natalie Lam

Natalie is a form 5 student at Heep Yunn School. Having realised the importance of mental health for the wellbeing of an individual, she has been passionate in raising awareness for mental health and removing stigma around mental illness. She joined Coolminds in hopes of improving attitudes and language surrounding mental health and helping people with mental health conditions. She is committed to advocate for mental health and is excited to be a part of the Youth Advisory Committee.