Youth Advisory Committee

The Youth Advisory Committee (“YAC”) is a team of students based in Hong Kong aged 16-24 who meet with staff on a quarterly basis to discuss and advise on the direction of Coolminds, and to bring specific project ideas targeting young people to the table. They help give us feedback on our programs, to help us better understand what works and what needs to improve from a young person’s perspective. By consulting and listening to our advisors, we can ensure that Coolminds is able to meet the needs of their generation.

Scroll down to read the biographies of our YAC members, and to get to know them better!

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Ashley Cheng

Ashley is a year 1 psychology student studying in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. As an active volunteer, she is passionate about serving in the mental health field, and hopes to create changes to make our place a better community. Apart from destigmatizing, psychoeducation may also be a direction for us to explore. She is really thrilled to be part of the community, and is looking forward to working with this excellent team.

Hima Zhang

Hima is a form 5 student at Diocesan Girls’ School, currently doing her A Levels and taking Psychology as an elective. She is passionate about promoting mental health awareness and has initiated and participated in several mental health projects. Through joining Coolminds, she hopes to help destigmatize talking about mental illness, raise awareness on personal wellbeing, as well as to meet like-minded people through the organisation. She is looking forward to working with the team and is very excited to be part of the committee.

Jacky Man

Jacky is a fresh graduate, with a psychology major and a counselling minor from the University of Hong Kong. His interest and ambition are to promote community mental health and mental illness de-stigmatization as his life goal. He is currently pursuing in Master of Social Work in his alma mater to learn more practical skills such as policy design and implementation on mental health issues advocacy. Being a part of Youth Advisory Committee in Coolminds definitely gives a platform for him to explore more and has more hands-on experience to reach out to the public.

Marta Gramatyka

Marta is a year two student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She’s involved in various social initiatives, including serving the homeless, refugees and ethnic minorities. Having seen the impact of mental ill-health through serving these populations, she joined Coolminds to learn more and to advocate for greater understanding and awareness. She also believes that mental wellbeing is essential to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Natalie Lam

Natalie is a form 5 student at Heep Yunn School. Having realised the importance of mental health for the wellbeing of an individual, she has been passionate in raising awareness for mental health and removing stigma around mental illness. She joined Coolminds in hopes of improving attitudes and language surrounding mental health and helping people with mental health conditions. She is committed to advocate for mental health and is excited to be a part of the Youth Advisory Committee.

Sadakkathullah Insaf Idris

Idris’ peers criticise him as the Jack of all trades, master of none since his interests range from arts and sciences to politics and sports. Thinking about what actually matters and how he can play his part, he decided to use his passion for mathematics and its application to study computer science at CityU. Coolminds? As an engineering freshman who initially misbelieved that mental illness was nothing more than feelings, he wants to use this opportunity to uplift his knowledge and character as an inquisitive, down-to-earth and understanding human being. As the saying goes – “stay hungry, stay foolish”.

Serena Ho

Serena is a Form 5 student at Diocesan Girls’ School.  She enjoys playing music and exploring the connections between music and a person’s mental well-being.  Born and raised in Hong Kong, the city that is well-known for its fast-pace and competitiveness, she realizes how people around her often forget to pay attention to their mental health.  Through joining Coolminds, she hopes to raise awareness on the importance of self care and help eradicate the stigma of mental health amongst her peers and the local community.

Tobi Wong

Tobi is a fresh graduate from PolyU, and he sees that many students, due to various different reasons, suffer from mental health related issues, or lack the understanding of what “mental health issues” really are. Being a mental-health first-aider himself, he believes it is of utmost importance we help to acknowledge the importance of mental health issues and raise awareness amongst our social circles, or even the general public. He cannot wait to work alongside talented Coolminds Advisory Committee members and spread awareness on mental health related issues to the general public.

Wendy Dichoso Zhuang

Wendy is a Filipino-Chinese immigrant student, currently a year 2 student studying Basic Medical Science in Tung Wah College, and a member of Best Buddies HK volunteering programme. In her spare time she enjoys watching movies and going on nature adventures with her friends to have a break from the busy city life. She believes that by joining Coolminds she could learn more about mental health and share her learnings to others. She aspires to lead her own NGO in the future to continue educating the less privileged youth on mental health.