Youth Operations Committee

The Youth Operations Committee (“YOC”) is a team of committed high school and university students aged 16-24 based in Hong Kong who work closely with Coolminds staff on a regular basis to perform hands-on tasks to keep this project running – including social media content creation, graphic design, blog writing, and translation.

Scroll down to read the biographies of our YOC members, and to get to know them better!

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Jasmine Chiu

Jasmine is a Year 11 student in West Island School who is interested in pursuing psychology in university. Having grown up in a fast-paced and competitive society, through the practice of mental health advocacy, she hopes to raise awareness of mental health across Hong Kong citizens and further expand her knowledge in psychology.

Angel Au

Angel is studying her first year of MSci Psychology at University College London. Since high school, she has been involved in mental health advocacy through leading various initiatives, such as organising an integration service programme for students with autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disabilities, as well as establishing the Psychology Enthusiasts’ Circle in her alma mater St. Paul’s Co-educational College. In June 2019, she founded ReMINDer, a mental health campaign focusing on Cantonese-speaking audiences, and has been chairing it since then. As a passionate mental health advocate aspiring to work in mental health NGOs in Hong Kong and become a registered clinical psychologist in the future, she hopes to connect with like-minded enthusiasts and encourage conversations on mental health through her work in the Youth Operations Committee.

Nayon Lee

Nayon is a senior at the Hong Kong International School and she is passionate about utilizing social media and film to raise mental health awareness in youth. By working with Coolminds as a member of the Youth Operations Committee, she hopes to improve mental health literacy and help erase the heavy stigma surrounding mental health issues in Hong Kong. Her goal is to make a positive impact on her community by educating students on the importance of prioritizing mental health. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming, creating short films, and listening to music. 

Hitanshi Jain

Hi everyone, I am Hitanshi, an upcoming Y13 IB student studying at Renaissance College Hong Kong, I am pleased to join the YOC team as I believe that educating youths and making sure they feel supported are very important. After supporting some friends that have battled with some mental health conditions, this issue has become very prevalent in my life. I’ve been interested in the field of psychology ever since I interned at a neurology clinic last summer and i hope to build this experience by joining Coolminds.

Katie Tam

Katie is currently a form 5 student from Ying Wa Girls’ School. She has an avid interest in psychology, and she is particularly interested in research related to developmental psychology and psychotherapy. She’s currently a junior researcher at PolyU, where she researches on a co-produced approach to mental health programmes in secondary schools. Growing up in Hong Kong, she has realised how mental health problems are not talked about enough in Asian society because of the cultural reticence and lack of promotion.Through being a part of the YOC, She hopes to meet other like-minded mental health advocates and be a part of the change.

Charlotte Yeung

Charlotte is an IB student studying at King George V School. Having had personal experience with mental illness in the people around them, they understand the extent to which mental health is stigmatised in Hong Kong, especially among the older, more conservative citizens. They joined the Youth Operations Committee to speak up about the importance of adequate mental health support for people in Hong Kong. 

Christine Pang

Christine is currently a student studying at St. Paul’s Co-educational College. She is passionate about the advocacy of mental health especially in highly pressured environments where one’s social and mental well-being may often be neglected. Participating in the Psychology Enthusiasts’ Circle at her school as an editor has greatly boosted her interest in mental health, and it allowed her to incorporate her skills of writing, which is another passion of hers, into the course of promoting the importance of psychological well-being.

Samantha Cheng

Samantha is a student at St. Paul’s Convent School. As someone who was interested in psychology solely for the reason that it seemed interesting at first, she has grown to love the field of study as she explored behavioural psychology and found a genuine interest in human behaviour. However, when she realised the severity of the stigma and lack of social inclusion when it comes to mental health issues, the epiphany of it reinforced her ambition to pursue her dreams of studying psychology in the future while igniting her newfound passion for destigmatising mental health. 

Lilian Tay

I am currently a year 1 student at Li Po Chun United World College. I have grown my interest in psychology and the significance of mental health since I was at the age of 14 and started to participate in various voluntary works related to mental health. With my observation of some of my close friends who suffer from mental illness and my own experience of being a high school student in Hong Kong, I realize how the modern society has greatly affected the mental health of our city folks, especially the youths who are also undergoing extreme academic and social pressure. It is crucial to let the public understand the essence of maintaining good mental health. Through working as a committee member, I hope to contribute to promoting and spreading information regarding mental health and mental illnesses, letting more people gain a deeper understanding of the importance of mental health, and thus hopefully destigmatizing mental illnesses in Hong Kong. I am honoured to be part of the Youth Operations Committee and am thrilled to be given this opportunity to raise the awareness of mental health in Hong Kong, making Hong Kong a more accessible place to open up our mental health status with the committee members.

Chloe So

Chloe is a business student from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). As HKUST is known for its stress and tension, she soon realises the importance of youth mental health support. Utilising her ability to comprehend bilingually in both Chinese and English, she hopes to contribute to the youth community through joining Coolminds Youth Operations Committee.

Grace Lee

Grace has completed her Occupational Therapy degree at Brunel University London. Having personal encounters with mental health issues, she is enthusiastic about raising mental health awareness in Hong Kong. Grace has been taught to approach clients using a humanistic and holistic approach during her university studies, therefore she believes that the community is disabling the person with mental health problems instead of the illness itself. Grace hopes to make a positive influence by sharing her recovery story, with the aim of removing the stigma attached to mental illness and supporting people with mental health issues in Hong Kong.

Karina Chan

Karina is a first year psychology student. She is passionate about raising awareness for mental health and recognises the importance for young people to be more aware and look after themselves better.  Apart from psychology, she also loves reading and languages, therefore she would like to utilise her skills of Chinese and English to inform more people on the importance of mental health and to access resources that helps them. She is honoured to be part of Youth Operations Committee and is looking forward to working with everyone!